HeadySpace.org = Free, open-source, mind visualization software

HeadySpace is open-source technology for visualizing the contents and activity of a mind.
HeadySpace is part of the glue.ai family of social robotics software.
Our java software packages use the namespace org.hedspc, pronounced "Heh D. Space" dot org.

The HeadySpace software grew out of earlier generations of visualization software built in the Cogchar.org package space, as part of that more general package of social robotics character software.
HeadySpace is a 3D visualization toolkit that plugs into the Java+Native API framework of glue.ai and Cogchar.
Our implementation relies on the
OpenGL standard, LWJGL, and the JMonkeyEngine-3 gaming platform, which is a Java-friendly implementation of Ogre and Bullet Physics.